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The Larry Sternig Literary Agency thrived for over forty years with an established reputation for integrity and professionalism. In the fall of 1995 Jack Byrne (an agency client, writing consultant and writing instructor) joined as a full partner and the name changed to the Sternig & Byrne Literary Agency. Larry Sternig passed away in 1999.  

While there are notable exceptions (renowned children’s author Betty Ren Wright comes to mind), the agency generally specializes in science fiction, fantasy and mystery properties. Past and present clients/estates include Andre Norton, Jo Walton, Jack Ritchie, John C. Wright, Mel Ellis and many others. 

Few things are more rewarding than discovering a new writer and pairing him or her with the right editor and publisher. Authors first introduced to the reading public by the agency include Sarah Monette (aka Katherine Addison), Kelly McCullough, Ilona Andrews, James Knapp, Doug Hulick, Moira Moore and others.  


The agency charges no reading fees and makes 100% of its income from commissions (15% on domestic and 20% on foreign sales). It works with agencies in several foreign countries and has additional literary and dramatic contacts in the United States.  

The agency generally uses no formal written contract with its clients, preferring to develop a relationship based on mutual trust and loyalty; contracts are available for clients who request them. 

See the Submissions page for specific guidelines. 

Member: SFWA  and  MWA



Please contact the agency if you have any specific questions not answered above.

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