•  I prefer e-queries for the initial contact, but hard copy queries with SASE are also acceptable. E-submissions and/or attachments of any kind are NOT acceptable without prior consent and I will not follow links to review material.  If the project suits my current needs and interests, I will request partial or full submissions (including a detailed synopsis, author's bio/writing credits and SASE).  For queries originating from outside the United States, please provide an email address for my response rather than an IRC Coupon.

  • Don't send first drafts, or second, third or fourth, for that matter; I'm only interested in final drafts.

  •  Know your field.  If you want to write and sell mysteries, you need to read mysteries...lots of them.  The same for science fiction or fantasy or whatever else it is that you wish to write.

  • Please make your presentation as professional as you possibly can.  Errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, usage, etc. will tell me just one thing--that you don't take your writing seriously.

My client list is comfortably small by choice and I don’t accept new clients unless their material appeals to me as both a reader and an agent. I'm currently considering only science fiction, fantasy and mysteries; preference is given to writers with a publishing history. 


Please contact the agency if you have any specific questions not answered above.

Sternig & Byrne Literary Agency

2370 S. 107th Street

Apt. #4

Milwaukee, WI 53227-2036